Verdi: Il Trovatore - Andrea Bocelli, Carlo Guelfi, Catania Orchestra of the Teatro Massimo

Verdi: Il Trovatore

Andrea Bocelli, Carlo Guelfi, Catania Orchestra of the Teatro Massimo "Bellini", Steven Mercurio & Veronica Villarroel

  • Genre: Opera
  • Release Date: 2004-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 47

  • ℗ 2004 Decca Music Group Limited


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Il Trovatore: "All'erta! all'e 3:27  
Il Trovatore: "Di due figli" 7:47  
Il Trovatore: "Che più t'arre 2:29  
Il Trovatore: "Tacea la notte" 4:44  
Il Trovatore: "Di tale amor" 2:44  
Il Trovatore: "Tacea la notte! 1:56  
Il Trovatore: "Deserto sulla t 1:53  
Il Trovatore: "Infida!...Qual 1:35  
Il Trovatore: Di geloso amor s 2:31  
Il Trovatore: "Vedi! le fosche 3:03  
Il Trovatore: "Stride la vampa 2:35  
Il Trovatore: "Mesta è la tua 2:10  
Il Trovatore: "Soli or siamo". 6:08  
Il Trovatore: "Non son tuo fig 2:36  
Il Trovatore: "Mal reggendo al 3:27  
Il Trovatore: "L'usato messo R 1:28  
Il Trovatore: "Perigliarti anc 2:28  
Il Trovatore: "Tutto è desert 1:29  
Il Trovatore: "Il balen del su 3:13  
Il Trovatore: Qual suono! Oh c 0:48  
Il Trovatore: Per me, ora fata 2:58  
Il Trovatore: "Ah, se l'error 2:22  
Il Trovatore: "Perchè pianget 2:22  
Il Trovatore: "E deggio e poss 4:20  
Il Trovatore: "Or co' dadi" 2:10  
Il Trovatore: "Squilli, echegg 2:42  
Il Trovatore: In braccio al mi 2:25  
Il Trovatore: "Giorni poveri v 3:18  
Il Trovatore: Deh! rallentate, 2:04  
Il Trovatore: "Quale d'armi fr 2:37  
Il Trovatore: "Ah sì ben mio" 3:22  
Il Trovatore: L'onda de' suoni 1:55  
Il Trovatore: "Di quella pira" 3:23  
Il Trovatore: "Siam giunti: ec 2:57  
Il Trovatore: "D'amor sull'ali 3:57  
Il Trovatore: "Miserere d'un'a 5:32  
Il Trovatore: "Tu vedrai che a 3:51  
Il Trovatore: Udiste? Come alb 1:00  
Il Trovatore: A te davanti! - 0:54  
Il Trovatore: "Mira di acerbe 3:28  
Il Trovatore: "Vivrà!...conte 2:28  
Il Trovatore: Madre, non dormi 5:56  
Il Trovatore: Si la stanchezza 3:42  
Il Trovatore: "Che! Non m'inga 1:17  
Il Trovatore: "Parlar non vuoi 3:27  
Il Trovatore: "Ti scosta!" 1:16  
Il Trovatore: "Prima che d'alt 3:59  


  • Don't know where to start...

    By JackRSkellington
    Ok, we get it. Even today Bocelli is controversial. You either love him or you hate him. I personally started out loving him. Honestly and mostly because I didn't know any better. Later I found much better singers and recordings and went to many operas. I heard Pavarotti live (granted he was old) in an intimate acoustic recital, I've heard Domingo at the Met, I have heard Alagna...all better singers... Ok ok ok. BUT I still do occasionally come back to Bocelli. He has his limitations but he also undeniably has his qualities, nice parts of his range, and most importantly people love his voice. Some of the people who write these reviews say things like 'I've been studying the art of singing for years...' I don't know what to tell you. There's the intangible. It's what makes a star or doesn't. You might just not have anything special at all. Sorry. I now have worked in classical music for 10 years and I can't tell you how much mediocrity there is around, even at the highest levels. There are lots of mediocre singers on the world's great stages. At the very worst, what is Bocelli doing? Is he stealing your spot at the Met? Or were you planning on selling out 20,000 seat arenas? People like him. Accept it. Don't listen to him if you don't want to. Voice aside, you have to respect his guts. He has done staged operas, as a guy not limited by handicap, and done gutsy things likes singing without a mic at the New York Phil, without a mic at Carnegie Hall, and he plans on doing a recital on stage at the Met. The guy has more money than god, he doesn't need anything. He certainly doesn't need the $10K to sing Werther at Detroit Opera! He has learned sung and recorded nine full operas including: Boheme,Tosca,Cav/Pag, Butterfly,Chenier, Carmen,Werther, and recorded them all. What drives me crazy is the hypocrisy. The Met would never hire him as Pinkerton, but they'll take the money and a sell out at high ticket prices and they'll do it with a sleazy smile. The NY Phil would only take him as a "special event," not as part of their season. Bocelli doesn't say anything about it, he just goes and sings. With that said, his Manrico is not the best, but not the worst. Its a hard role. His Cavaradossi and Rodolfo fit his voice more. But like I said before, the guy has got some soul and there's tremendous feeling communicated in his voice. You can criticize all you want but just don't go to his concerts or buy his recordings. Otherwise it's jealousy and not righteous indignation about "his technique." What's the big deal?
  • How do you not like him?

    By SCG99
    I think Andrea Bocelli is brilliant at everything he does.

    By TIRED!
    #35 - I don't know who this "soprano" is but she is a disgrace!! This aria is obviously too big for her voice. She sounds like an amateur college student, or someone trying to learn opera music. Whoever she is along w/Ms. Bocelli truly belong together on this cd. They both are horrible and are a joke in the opera world.
  • A Fine Recording

    By QmanRoslyn
    Look. You either appreciate that this man has a wonderful voice that can easily sing opera, or you dont. The problem is that if you have any other "tenor" sing a pop song (thing Domingo, Del Monaco, Jose Cura, even Pav) it SOUNDS like an operatic tenor singing...because they overstate every phrase. Like Mario Lanza before him, Bocelli can do both...there is no argument. People may say his voice isnt as "lyric" as (insert tenor name here), nor as "powerful, booming" as (insert tenor name here)....but its beautiful....and I'd rather hear him sing it than almost any of the others..... just my .02
  • Why Does Bocelli Sing Opera?

    By opratenor
    When talking about Andrea Bocelli, I dont even know where to begin. First off, Bocelli is not an opera singer. Bocelli possesses a "tenor" voice, however, this voice does not have the qualities or the notes of an operatic tenor. Im sorry to say this because im sure i have offended many bocelli fans. To these people, I say, Bocelli is a pop singer. That is what he should stick to. Secondly, even if Bocelli did possess an operatic tenor, he should never attempt to sing an opera such as Verdi's Il Trovatore. The tenor role of Manrico is a Tenore Lyrico-Spinto role, meaning that due to the emotional range of the role, the opera should be sung by a tenor with a darker and heavier voice. Bocelli is so far from Lyrico-Spinto that the idea of singing this role should have never even been considered. If Bocelli insists on singing opera, he should stick to the repitore of a lyric tenor (Puccini: La Boheme, Il Pagliacci..etc.). If you are searching for an outstanding recording of this opera, I would not look here. Seek out a recording with Placido Domingo, the finest tenor of the last 50 years.

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