Massenet: Werther - Andrea Bocelli, Giorgio Giuseppini, Julia Gertseva, Natale de Carolis, Orchestra del Teatro Comunale di Bologna & Yves Abel

Massenet: Werther

Andrea Bocelli, Giorgio Giuseppini, Julia Gertseva, Natale de Carolis, Orchestra del Teatro Comunale di Bologna & Yves Abel

  • Genre: Classical
  • Release Date: 2005-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 33

  • ℗ 2005 Sugar Srl


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Werther: Prélude 4:01  
Werther: "Assez! Assez!" - "No 7:02  
Werther: "Alors, c'est bien ic 4:31  
Werther: "Jésus vient de naî 6:01  
Werther: "O spectacle idéal d 3:22  
Werther: "Sophie!" - "Albert!" 2:17  
Werther: "Elle m'aime...elle p 3:32  
Werther: Orchestral Interlude. 3:12  
Werther: "Mais vous ne saver r 3:28  
Werther: "Rêve! Extase! Bonhe 3:39  
Werther: Prélude - "Vivat Bac 5:39  
Werther: "Trois mois! Voici tr 2:30  
Werther: "Un autre est son ép 4:07  
Werther: "Au bonheur dont mon 3:26  
Werther: "Frère, voyez le bea 3:24  
Werther: Ai-je dit vrai? 6:53  
Werther: Oui! Ce qu'elle m'ord 3:58  
Werther: "Mais venez donc! Le 1:49  
Werther: Prélude 3:09  
Werther: "Werther! Werther!.." 6:41  
Werther: "Bonjour, grande soeu 3:33  
Werther: "Va! Laisse couler me 4:25  
Werther: "Ah! Mon courage m'ab 2:35  
Werther: "Oui, c'est moi!" 4:30  
Werther: "Toute mon âme est l 5:10  
Werther: "Ah! Moi! Moi! Dans s 2:40  
Werther: "Werther est de retou 2:51  
Werther: "La nuit de Noël" 5:08  
Werther: "Werther!...Rien!.." 1:34  
Werther: "Qui parle?...Charlot 4:07  
Werther: "Et moi, Werther, et 3:46  
Werther: "Noël! Noël! Noël! 1:55  
Werther: "Ah! Ses yeux se ferm 4:20  


  • Andrea Bocelli has his style. Opera is not to imitate others

    By Musica per sempre
    I had read all this critics and I must say that Andrea Bocelli's passion and love to opera can deliver him to sing as he wants. Do you uys have heard Mario Lanza imitating Beniamino Gigli or Luciano Pavarotti imitating Enrico Caruso, no, of course. Each tenor has his style and makes his efforts and accords as he wants, opera is opera, and all this composers must be proud in heaven to see how their music has been given to the world with so much passion, respect and love. Sorry but Bocelli can't be a replica from other tenors. If you guys had study music and opera for years all of you had wasted your time. Sorry but it's the true.
  • Beauty in it's purest form

    By SCG99
    So amazing.
  • Bocelli is not an opera singer! In fact, he can't sing at all!

    By stampyhead
    Werther is a stunning opera by the French composer Jules Massenet with a story taken from Goethe's book, 'The Sorrows of Young Werther.' The book was instrumental in bringing about the Sturm und Drang period in German literature and helped to usher in the Romantic era of writing. This is a beautiful opera and should be heard by everyone, but please, for the love of God, find a different recording to listen to. Andrea Bocelli is not an opera singer, no matter how badly he wants to be one. I have studied opera for over 20 years and am familiar with all of the great singers of our time. Bocelli clearly lacks the skill, training, and most of all the talent and voice to sing opera. There is a great modern recording with Roberto Alagna singing the role of Werther as well as older recordings with great artists such as Domingo, Carerras, and Jussi Bjoerling. Please, for the sake of the integrity of this music and of opera in general, listen to one of those other recordings.
  • where is the talent?

    By opratenor
    Sorry Bocelli, no emotion, no talent, no techinque = no reason to sing opera. For a long time I have been completely stumped as to why Bocelli is allowed, by society, to take beautiful operas and turn them into half baked pieces of music. Seriously, if the composers who wrote these operas listened to Bocelli's renditions, they would turn over in their graves. After pondering this for a long while, I came to the conclusion that the people who have been giving Bocelli's sad attempts at a opera good reviews have never listened to opera sung by competent singers. This is the only excuse that I could see as feesable for this extreme lack of judgement on behalf of the listener. Any person that has any idea of what techinical, supported, skilled opera singing should sound like, agrees with that statement that Bocelli possesses NONE of these qualities! Listeners, I ask you, If Bocelli is your person bridge into the world of opera, that is he is the only way that you could stand it, then fine. But, move on and listen to beautiful music produced by capable singers. This review is written from the position of a tenor who is trying to make it into the world of opera. I have studied voice and opera for many years so I know of what I speak. Bocelli- sing pop music, dont try to do something you cant. When you do try, it not only embarrasses you, but also the entire community of opera lovers whose world is violated by your misrepresentation of this art form.
  • Massenet: Werther

    By Granada
    Massenet Werther delivers a world that has been forgotten. Thank God we can enjoy a divine cadence from these wonderfully gifted voices and the perfect harmony that the music accomplishes. Bravo

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